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What is Your Word-of-the-Yr for 2015_

If you are a longtime reader of my Tip of the Week (thank you!), then you know that each January I ask my clientele to choose a word to guidebook them during the year: a word summarizing their intentions for the year to come. I do the identical exercising myself utilizing Christine Kane's powerful workbook, "Your Word of the 12 months Discovery Tool".
Right now, I am celebrating my last birthday in the wonderful '50s. Back when I was growing up, we often played the Beatles' song "Birthday" as component of our celebration. We would dance close to the residence and sing along, and it place every person in a great mood.
When I chose my word of the year, I wanted to capture some of that same pleasure I utilized to come to feel as a child on my birthday. So I picked the most supremely energizing word I could believe of: "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."
Yes, you read through that right.
I really like my word. It really is enjoyable! And it will take intention to a whole new level for me. I have a tendency to be a fairly grounded, even-keeled man or woman. My word provides me permission to phase outside the box I've created for myself.
In a way, it truly is an extension of the word I picked final 12 months, which was "Journey." Here's what I found by selecting that word: I discovered journey isn't going to have to indicate going on safari or traveling all around the planet in 90 days. It's about how I live each and every single day appropriate right here at property. It's about obtaining actions that are a good match for me and permit me to live fully in each and every moment.
This previous year has been about getting true to me. The a lot more I'm authentically myself, the far more vitality and desire I have to give to others.
So, what variety of adventures did I have?
I spoke my truth. I stopped performing perform with organizations that did not fit my business, and my income elevated.
I admitted my vulnerability. As a coach, a single of my roles is to really listen nicely. This yr, I also listened to my inner guidance, which led me to share far more of my suggestions. I didn't always know what was going to come out of my mouth, but I trusted my consumers would advantage in some way.

I cultivated deeper relationships. please click the following article My connections to my adult youngsters make my heart soar. They're every at a crossroads in their professional existence, and I am honored to be asked for input.
I traveled, but not close to the planet. I did make two trips to pay a visit to a pal in South Carolina (JetBlue cooperated by supplying direct flights to Savannah).
I finished renovations to my property. Think about making an attempt to operate whilst guys are crawling all in excess of your house, music is taking part in, hammers are banging, canines are barking. Believe it or not, I seasoned really tiny disruption of my productivity. I was prepared, I had a program, and every little thing worked out fine.
I acquired rid of stuff I didn't need to have. Two years in the past, my word was "Spaciousness," and it should have carried over to last year. Along with property construction comes a dumpster, so we took the possibility to clear out clutter from our residence. We stored the things that had meaning and tossed the rest. It was an journey to revisit objects from our past and consider a fresh appear at no matter whether we even now essential them in our lives.
How about you? What was your word for 2014 and how did it demonstrate up for you? If you did not commence 2014 with a word, can you appear back and recognize a single that fits into final yr? I invite you to share your experiences in the comment area under.
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